Place-based Directory of Services

collecting from many sources, assuring accuracy, categorising and making available to many frontline applications

Accurate Data from Everywhere for Everyone

Our PBDoS application will allow you to collect local service information from many sources. You can map in spreadsheets, take data from a JSON endpoint or even allow a Service Provider to have their own account and enter/amend their own service information. The data collected is validated and transformed into the latest Open Referral data standard - HSDS3.0
You can then aggregate all the data sources together by de-duplicating the services, providers and venue information. Finally you can assure the accuracy of the information to form a single source of truth and then make this available to other applications through a JSON endpoint, a JSON file or even a CSV file.

The following Video is the story of implementing a place-based DoS from one of our reference sites - Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB.

  • Import Spreadsheets 
  • Import API / JSON endpoints
  • Providers can enter their own data 
  • Aggregate to Single Source of Truth
  • De-duplicate 
  • Assure accuracy of data
  • Publish data to API / JSON file


The following reports have been drafted on our journey to a Place-based approach to a Directory of Service.