Finder Tools

allowing residents and professionals to find and share services from our App or existing websites

Empowering Self-care

Our Finder Tools provide an app for frontline professionals to identify local support services for a variety of client issues. They can save their recommended services and easily share them through email or messaging guaranteeing that the information is always accurate.There is an app for Council residents which requires just a couple of clicks for a context and issue to provide local services within the proximity of their post code. No personal data required.
And there's an app that creates links for specific searches that can then be easily branded and added to an existing trusted website for residents and professionals to make use of.

The following Videos show some of the training provided by one of our reference sites - Community Action Network for Dorset.

Finder Tools
  • Citizen Access
  • Favourite and Share services
  • Frontline Professional Access
  • Work in different teams
  • Add generated Links to any website
  • Make new service suggestions
  • Report errors to the assurance team


The following reports have been drafted on our journey to creating tools to help people find the local support they need