Meet the CoProducers

Digital Coproduction is a product development and product implementation company focused on helping the public and third sector develop affordable digital products. We have established a 6D approach which ensures a full discovery of the problem context, defines the problem before creating an initial design. A decision point provides the evidence to carry out the development and deliver a pilot. We are led by four individuals with the range of skills and experience to cover our 6Ds.

ian singleton

Managing Director & Product Owner

Ian is passionate about Public and Third Sector Services and dedicates his efforts to helping organisations make better use of technology to improve services to citizens.

He is a fully qualified transformation professional with over 25 years experience in the public sector. For the last six years he has focused on product management, user experience (UX) design and data in working for VidaVia, IEG4 and in setting up Digital Gaps. He sees coproduction as the key to delivering useful and affordable digital product and is now embarking on taking a product owner role within Digital Coproduction.

Martin Robinson

Development Director

Martin has been delivering successful, high quality projects for over 30 years. He is security-minded and quality-minded – whilst also being pragmatic and sensitive to business needs. He understands computing from silicon to cloud. He can communicate at Board level as well as within development and design teams.

He has delivered leading products in fields as diverse as Radar Jamming, Public Information Systems, Immersive Virtual Reality, eCommerce, Image Processing, Forensic Science, Healthcare. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Microprocessing from Essex University and is trained in Formal Mathematics at St Edmund Hall, Oxford University.
Marcus devaney

Implementation & Marketing Director

Marcus is a highly motivated product person with the enthusiastic drive to create new innovative approaches to digital delivery.  With over 20 years of experience listening, collaborating, researching, analysing; people & processes to ensure the citizen is at the heart of product design.  Marcus specialises in behavioural human-centred design focused on understanding core motivation towards creating a greater user experience.

He is an experienced user experience designer, building effective user first digital solutions and citizen interactions.  He has proficient technical experience across all product streams including marketing, development, deployment and support.  He is passionate about co-producing digital products with organisations, communities & local citizens.  Marcus is proud to be contributing ideas & innovation towards Digital Local/Government.
simon dickinson

Consultancy & Commercial Director

Simon has worked with the public and third sector for over 20 years and has worked across small and large consultancy and digital delivery programmes.  He has also worked in manufacturing and finance industries and brings expertise in system design and benefits realisation from those experiences.

In the public sector, he has worked across data analytics, open data, system design and customer experience / journey programmes across health, local government, police and third sector clients.  He believes that the current digital era provides the opportunity to deliver the step change in customer experience across the sector that has happened across other industries.  Start small, think big, work in an agile way and closely with both citizens and the frontline across the local system and make sure there is very strong senior sponsorship to test solutions to the biggest questions.