Our 6D Method

Our 6D agile co-production method is trusted by the public & third sector and takes one step at a time to minimise costs, ensure all stakeholders are on-board and that the product is delivering the benefits before scaling.  

define: the hypothesis and case to do it

We will define the problem statement and review the user stories to identify the hypotheses with user evidence checks. We will run a user focussed ideation workshop to identify ideas and features. We will develop an outline business case to ensure it is a worth while development.

discover: understand the context fully

We will work with you to understand your expected benefits and outcomes/goals, the as-is process and costs, the different people and roles involved, what their tasks, pains and gains are and develop these into personas for supporting the definition of potential solutions.

design: make it easy, flowing and viable

We will create wire-frame and flow visuals based around the ideas to deliver the hypotheses. A workshop(s) with appropriate stakeholders will then identify what seems to work best for users. We will create high fidelity visuals of the key hypotheses for further user feedback. An optional extra is to create a clickable prototype which will provide better user feedback.

Decision:  You're in control

We provide our first 3Ds, Discovery, Define and Design, for a fixed fee but then take the time to work with you and understand the evidence for the case to continue with Development and Delivering a pilot.

develop:  take small steps to scale

We use a blended agile method to turn the user stories into a product backlog which is then used to prioritise an MVP set of sprints and a roadmap. We ask that a user champion attend a daily stand-up to support the sprints. We will show the users progress after each sprint to shape the MVP.

deliver: prove it with a pilot

We will create the user acceptance test plan and work with users to ensure everything is correct ahead of the pilot. We will plan, oversee and review a pilot in a live environment (or as close to) to ensure confidence in a roll-out to live.