Help for your Application

Our aim is to ensure you get your best from our software and so we are building a library of help videos. This is only starting from April 2024 and so we apologise if this is behind your pace. If you need any specific help then simply ask here and we will do out best for you. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the videos we do have.

Find Services

We are developing a product with Lancashire County Council for finding local support services that might help someone in improving their quality of life.

Simple Searches

How to search for local support services that are relevant to you or the person you are helping 

Using Preferences to define a Search

Setting preferences to ensure that any services will meet the needs you have

Using Favourites

Tagging the services you find into groups so that you can share with friends and relatives or just to organise for your ease of viewing

Sharing Links

How to share the details of one service or all in one of your groups through a simple link