TeamKinetic make managing your volunteers easier.  Their online application makes it simple to recruit volunteers, and is built to be inclusive and accessible.  Supercharge how you communicate with your volunteer workforce to build stronger communities. Recognising the hard work and dedication of every single person.  All underpinned with powerful reporting and insight and supplied with sector-leading service and support.

TeamKinetic and Digital CoProduction are working in partnership to identify opportunities for the public sector to make better use of volunteers in connecting and supporting people to take advantage of their local community services.

Digital CoProduction

Digital CoProduction specialise in developing digital applications focused on self-care, early help and prevention. They are experts in using the data standards Open Referral and Open Active and have a number of products designed to support finding help, browsing information, advice and guidance, triaging/assessing for pathway referrals as well as collecting, assuring and de-duplicating the local support information into one place-based directory of services.

Volunteer and community support in action

Digital CoProduction Place-based directory supporting the local community and volunteers

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Place-based Partners